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AGM Voting 2015

Voting results 2015
Number of valid proxy votes submitted 3,244
Number of votes cast in person at our AGM 17
Number of spoilt votes 1
Final number of votes (excluding spoilt votes) 3,261

Ordinary Resolutions

Resolution 1 For Against Withheld Spoilt
To receive the Annual Report and Accounts 3,192 46 23 1
Resolution 2 For Against Withheld Spoilt
To re-appointment KPMG LLP as auditors 3,143 88 30 1
Resolution 3 For Against Withheld Spoilt
To approve the Report of the Remuneration Committee 3,083 141 37 1

Re-election of Directors

Re-election of Directors For Against Withheld Spoilt
(4) To re-elect David Graham Bassett 3,127 85 49 1
(5) To re-elect Marcus Hugh Paul Daly 3,105 105 51 1
(6) To re-elect Richard John Newton 3,130 79 52 1

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