Annual General Meeting (AGM)

We have a statutory obligation to hold the AGM, which is scheduled for 22 April 2020, within 4 months of our financial year end.

As it stands, we have several options for the meeting. One option is to hold the meeting with a minimum quorum present, or if there is no quorum the Chairman can open the meeting and adjourn it immediately, to a date to be decided in the future.

Please check back to this page regularly for the latest information on our AGM.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The 2020 Annual General Meeting of the Tipton & Coseley Building Society will be held on 22nd April 2020 at Tipton Sports Academy, Wednesbury Oak Road, Tipton, DY4 0BS at 7pm for the following purposes.

Chairman's opening remarks

Ordinary Resolutions

  1. To receive the Directors' Report, Annual Accounts, Annual Business Statement and Auditors’ Report for the year ended 31 December 2019.
  2. To approve the re-appointment of BDO LLP as auditors of the Society.
  3. To approve the Report of the Remuneration Committee for the year ended 31 December 2019.

Election or Re-election of Directors

  1. To elect Belinda May Moore
  2. To elect Sally Anne Morgan
  3. To re-elect Andrew John Higgins

You can find out more about these directors and the resolutions below. Details of the Society’s other directors can be found in our Summary Financial Statement.

By Order of the Board

Adam Evetts
27 February 2020

Large print copies of this Notice may be obtained from our Head Office. Notes about voting can be found on the last page of this document.

Ordinary resolutions

As well as voting on the election and re-election of Directors you are also entitled to vote on other important matters, known as resolutions, which are listed above. To help you use your vote a brief summary is detailed below. Ordinary resolutions will be passed if a majority of members who vote, vote in favour. Your Board recommends that you vote for all of these resolutions.

To receive the Directors’ Report, Annual Accounts, Annual Business Statement and Auditors’ Report

The accounts provide detailed information on the Society’s financial performance for 2019. A summary of the Society’s Annual Report and Accounts is enclosed with your voting pack. You will be able to obtain a full version of the Annual Report and Accounts, including the Annual Business Statement and Auditors’ Report, from our Head Office, at any branch, at or by calling 0121 557 2551, from 23 March 2020.

To re-appoint BDO LLP as auditors of the Society

Following KPMG LLP’s resignation, in 2019 the Society carried out a tender process for a new external auditor and appointed BDO LLP. To comply with legislation, the Auditors must be re-appointed by our members each year.

To approve the Report of the Remuneration Committee

A report of the Remuneration Committee has been prepared and is published in both the Summary Financial Statement and in the Annual Report and Accounts. The Board is seeking members’ approval of the Report by holding an advisory vote.

Details of Directors standing for election

Your Board carefully considers the skills and attributes required of directors to ensure that the Society remains a strong and successful building society responsive to the needs of members. A formal appraisal of each director is undertaken each year especially with regard to their independence.

In light of this and the positive appraisals of the other directors your Board recommends that you vote for these directors standing for election:

Belinda May Moore – Non Executive Director
Sally Anne Morgan  – Executive Director
Andrew John Higgins  – Chairman

Summary Financial Statements 

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