Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We know you might be worried about the impact of Coronavirus on both you and your finances so we wanted to share what we’re doing.

The health and safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. We’re constantly monitoring the latest developments in relation to COVID-19 and acting on official Government advice to keep you, our customers, and our staff safe. Our Senior Leadership Team meet daily to ensure we’re responding to the latest developments. 


We have implemented social distancing guidelines for the safety of both staff and customers. To help keep our branches a safe place for our customers and staff please do not visit if you are feeling unwell. You can contact us via telephone or email and we will do our best to help you that way.

Please note, all of our branches are now open as normal.

Did you know, passbook updates and cheque deposits can be done through the post? Simply post your cheque and passbook to us accompanied by your request and we'll return it to you.

Mortgage customers

We are offering our customers who are up to date with their mortgage payments and impacted by COVID 19 the ability to self certify that they need help. 

Under normal circumstances we would assess your finances and consider what forbearance options may be most suitable; we are waiving this process to enable a more straightforward and quick process to assist you. However, should you feel that an assessment of your finances would be beneficial to make sure that we are providing you with the right option we will do this with you as quickly as possible. 

A payment holiday allows for mortgage payments to be suspended for a specific period of time without any arrears accruing, for a period of up to 3 months. The interest that is due whilst the holiday is being taken will be debited to the account and therefore the outstanding balance will increase. In order to pay the increased outstanding balance, the normal monthly payment will be recalculated at the end of the holiday. 

Please, ensure you communicate and keep in touch with us if your situation changes. At the end of the payment holiday period your revised monthly payments will be expected to continue and we will collect your direct debit as normal. We will tell you what the revised payment will be.

To apply for a payment holiday, please complete the form below and send to 

Please note, an electronic signature is acceptable.

COVID-19 Mortgage Payment Holidays (Deferred Payments).

The Financial Conduct Authority has now announced new rules in relation to payment holidays. Their main message is that further deferred payments are not automatic and where you can pay you should pay. Ahead of your payment holiday expiring we will write to you explaining all your options; please do not contact us until you have received your letter and read its contents. If you do then feel you need further support we will be happy to work with you but we will need certain information which is also sent out with the letter.

Scam calls, texts and emails

There has been an increase in scams with people using the Coronavirus as a way to target individuals. Please, be extra vigilant about any messages or calls you receive from financial services organisations.

To be clear, we will never:

  • Encourage you to move money from your own account into a different “safe” account 
  • Telephone you asking for your bank details or PIN numbers
  • Email you asking you to click a link or log in
  • Charge upfront fees for payment holidays
  • Demand immediate payment for arrears via email or over the phone

If you have any concerns, or are unsure of any communications received from us, please do contact us on 0121 557 2551.

Keeping you informed 

This page was last updated on 23 June 2020. If Government advice changes, we'll update this page again.