Going the extra mile

We will always endeavor to go the extra mile for our members. Going above and beyond for each member and their personal situation is embedded into the Society's core values.


Rising to the challenge

No matter how complex your query, or how unique your circumstance is, we will always do everything we can to help.


Effortless service

Providing a great service is key in ensuring you have the best possible customer journey with us. We will do our best to ensure things run as smoothly as possible for each and every one of our members.


Always accountable

We continuously work hard to adapt a right first time approach for our members. However, we are all human and we will always be open and honest with our customers, should any complications arise.


Think differently

To allow us to be innovative and keep up with your changing needs, we always try to think outside of the box. We strongly value feedback from our members, as this is what allows us to adapt and evolve as a Building Society, where possible.