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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your lending area?

We lend on properties located across England and Wales. The minimum property valuation is £75,000. This increases to a minimum valuation of £250,000 if the property to be mortgaged is located within the M25 corridor.

We are unable to accept applications on properties located in Scotland, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man.

How do I get an update on my case?

If you've submitted a full application and know the name of your designated Case Officer please call us on 0121 521 4013 and ask for your Case Officer, who'll be happy to help. If you're at the decision in principle stage of your application please call our Business Development Team on 0121 521 4000 or email newbusiness@thetipton.co.uk.

How do I submit business?

We always recommend that you initially complete a decision in principle which allows us to have a look over your case to see if your clients meet our lending criteria, and there's no need to register with us before submitting a decision in principle.

You can access our online form from our decision in principle page. Alternatively you can download a pdf form to complete, we'll require a scanned copy to be emailed to newbusiness@thetipton.co.uk. You're able to sign on behalf of your client at this stage.

When we receive your completed decision in principle form, we aim to get back to you within 48 hours with an initial lending decision.

If there's any supporting documents you need to send to us, you can attach these to the application using the attachment buttons in the additional information section.

At the end of the form ensure your electronic signature has been entered and click 'Finish' to send the application direct to your client for them to add their own electronic signature. The submission process will not be complete until your clients have signed the form. You're able to save a copy of the form for your own records.

Electronic signatures will enable us to begin processing your application however we'll require a completed Direct Debit form to be sent to us by post at our Tipton head office.

If you've previously completed a paper-based decision in principle for your client or if you'd prefer to complete our paper-based application, you can download copies of our PDF forms.

When you're ready to submit an application with us, complete the form and scan a copy into us at newbusiness@thetipton.co.uk. If you send an electronic copy, we'll require the original signed document to be posted to us to confirm your clients signatures on the application form.

What are your service level agreements?

We aim to give you a lending decision within 48 hours of receipt of a completed decision in principle.

Your full mortgage application is passed to our mortgage processing team once we have received all supporting documents requested when approving your decision in principle. Your application will be assigned a Case Officer and they will contact your client to arrange payment of any appropriate fees before instructing the valuation. They will also email you directly to introduce themselves and detail any outstanding requirements prior to mortgage offer.

Current service levels

Average decision in principle response time last week:
48 hours

Getting in touch

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  • Submit a DIP
  • Complete an application form
0121 521 4000*
Our lines are open:
Monday - Friday9:00 - 17:00
Saturday - SundayClosed
*Calls from landlines are charged at the standard rate. Calls from mobiles may vary.

Meet the Team: Paul

Paul Sawford

Areas covered: CM, EN, HA, IG, KT, RM, SS, TW, UB, WD, EC, E, N and W

Phone: 07395 790267
Email: paul.sawford@thetipton.co.uk

Meet the Team: Joanna

Joanna Ridgway

Areas covered: AL, GU, HP, LU, MK, OX, RG, SG, SL, SO, WC, NW, SE and SW

Phone: 07593 557578
Email: joanna.ridgway@thetipton.co.uk

Latest Mortgage News

Our Later Life mortgage products will now be available to applicants using earned income up to retirement age. Once the client reaches retirement, affordability for the remainder of the term will be calculated using verifiable income from a pension or other sustainable source, such as investments or rental income. Death stress calculations will be used should either borrower reach age 80 during the mortgage term.

Applicants can also choose to split their term to reflect their changing financial position following retirement. Affordability can be assessed separately against their current earned income, and future pension provision1 enabling a proportion of the mortgage to be secured over an extended term. For example:

Mr & Mrs Client are 55 and 52 years of age and are moving to a new house and require a mortgage of £180,000 to support this new purchase.

Their current salaries are sufficient to support the £180,000 borrowing, but rather than apply a term to Mr scheduled retirement age (70). They were able to demonstrate that their pension provision was sufficient to support borrowing in retirement of £100,0002. This enabled an application to be agreed on a split extended term:

  • Part 1 £80,000 on a capital and repayment basic over 14 years
  • Part 2 £100,000 on an interest only basis for 29 years

1Verifiable income from a pension or other sustainable source, such as investments or rental income is required on application to determine the maximum level of borrowing that can extend into retirement.

2 Clients must be able to demonstrate that part 2 of the loan remains affordable in the event of the early death of either party, or that the surviving borrower retains the ability to down-size to a property within a 5 mile radius of the mortgage security

3To qualify for interest only, clients must satisfy our existing interest only lending criteria.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.