Mrs Main

Mortgage customer

"When I was looking for my mortgage I wanted a lender who was reputable and trustworthy. I was recommended to Tipton & Coseley by a member of the family.

"When I visited the Tipton for the first time I sat down with a Mortgage Adviser who listened to my needs and recommended a suitable product for me, they were very friendly and had a personal approach which gave me peace of mind as I knew I was being provided with a trustworthy service.

"I stay with the Society as they always offer me good rates and excellent customer service. I have always been provided with steady support and the Society helped me through some sensitive situations with comfort and help. You soon get to know the people you are dealing with, which helps to take the stress out of your mortgage.

"I always recommend the Society to my friends and family and will do in the future, I know many people have taken me up on my recommendation and have been equally as happy as I am."