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We now have live chat available on all Intermediary website pages. The chat is managed by our Telephone Business Development Managers, meaning you'll never speak to a robot. 
To check if live chat is available, please look for a small box in the bottom right corner of your screen, titled 'can we help?'. 

New Business Enquiries: 0121 521 4000
New Business Enquiries:

Case Updates: 0121 521 4078
Case Updates:

Product Transfer Team: 0121 521 4088
Product Transfer Team:



Telephone Business Development Desk

Alex Poole - Telephone BDM Supervisor

Areas covered: BN, RH, CT, TN, ME, PO and BH
Phone: 0121 521 4000

Sharon Khangura - Telephone BDM

Areas covered: EX, PL, TQ, TA, DT, SN, BA and SP
Phone: 0121 521 4000

Hardeep Bedi - Telephone BDM

Areas covered: NE, DH, SR, TS, YO, DL, HG and HU
0121 521 4000



Field Based Business Development Managers

Paul Sawford

Areas covered: CM, CO, EN, HA, IG, KT, RM, SS, TW, UB, WD, EC, E, N and W
Phone: 07395 790267

Debbie Holmes 

Areas covered: CV, B, WS, WV, DY, ST, WR, GL, BS, DE, PE, LE and NG
Phone: 07593 549745

Mario De Wet

Areas covered: TF, CW, CH, SK, S, DN, LN, WA, WF, LS, HX, HD, OL, WN, BL, L and M
Phone: 07736887155


Key Accounts Manager

Joanna Ridgway

Areas covered: AL, GU, HP, LU, NN, MK, OX, RG, SG, SL, SO, WC, NW, SE, and SW

Phone: 07593 557578




Head of Intermediary  

Andy Millard

Phone07936 964325

Andy Millard 1