Need an European Standardised Information Sheet (ESIS)?

Please note that an ESIS can also be easily acquired from all external mortgage sourcing platforms by using their product tools.

If you still require our assistance and need us to produce an ESIS for you, please email us with the information below to

  • Your company name along with your FCA number, email address and a contact telephone number;
  • Your client(s) name(s);
  • The product you're interested in;
  • The mortgage amount and purchase price;
  • The valuation type required;
  • The term your clients would like their mortgage over;
  • Any arrangement fees (if applicable) and if your client would like to add these to the loan amount;
  • Your clients repayment method (repayment, interest only or part and part);
  • Details of any fees you are charging; and
  • Details of selected payment route for procuration fee.

Kindly allow 24 hours from receipt of your email to process your request. We will send your completed ESIS via email.